09 Oct

Beware of Switching the Witch for the B Word that Rhymes with it.


Hi Friends, Happy Halloween.  In the spirit of Witches I wanted to share an article I wrote for Renew Magazine (Spring 2014)about the switching of addictions.

It is something that effects 35% of those who struggle with Substance Abuse and 50% of those who struggle with an eating disorder will also struggle with Substance abuse. If you or your kiddies struggle, you are not alone!
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01 May

Ugly Duckling Interview

Ugly duckling

Hi Friends, can you or your kiddies relate to any of the below sentences?

  • “When my mom told us she was going to die my whole world came undone(…) and I really felt like the eating disorder served that for a really long time”.
  • “I thought my feelings were going to kill me”.
  • “I was viewing my beauty through other people, and I just did not measure up”

I did a super fun interview with uglyducklings last night her it is Read More

05 Mar

Behind the Mask: Eating Disorder Recovery

Interview: Behind the Mask, Eating Disorder Recovery

I had a great time out in Los Angeles and Orange County last week.  I not only got to celebrate my 40th birthday with my warrior sisters (besties), I also got to meet a ton of people that are “fully recovered” (or on their way to being) from eating disorder.

Click on the link above to check out my interview about what I did to get recovery, and how I dealt with some of the challenges that come up for many of us, along the way.

Becoming fully recovered from eating disorder is not only possible, but doable.  Your life is waiting!

23 Feb

“I Had No Idea”: Spotting an Eating Disorder.

Spot the ED

I had no idea,” a radio host said to me after I’d explained my experiences with an eating disorder. “I had no idea,” the physician said as I was educating her on symptoms to look for in patients who may suffer from eating disorders. “I had no idea,” my grandmother wrote in a recent letter to me after reading a copy of my book. Read More

05 Feb

Dreaming Big…In Small Steps

Feed your dreams

This was originally posted on jennischaefer.com

When I got into recovery from an eating disorder, I knew I had to make my recovery worth it. I spent so much of my life dedicated to the eating disorder’s demands. In recovery, I had to relearn how to live in the world with me, as me, and at peace with me.

One thing I knew was the more I moved away from the eating disorder, the more time I seemed to have. So I got to thinking about all the dreams I had put off because the eating disorder told me to wait until I was “thin enough,” and I began to drag them out from under the rug where I had swept them. I knew that if I wanted to stay in recovery, I needed to make my recovery worth it. Discovering and living your dreams is what makes recovery worth it.

The thing about dreams, however, is that they often change. This can be especially true in early recovery. For me, the dreams I once had were no longer ones I wanted. Moving people emotionally was something that I was born to do, and I chose acting as a way to do this. I got to work in theater, television and film in Australia and the UK before my recovery. In recovery, however, I felt exhausted by the industry and did not feel that my recovery was sustainable in it, at least in the beginning. I knew I still held the deep desire to move people, but pretending to be someone else for a living just didn’t fit me quite right. Read More

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