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The Practice of Recovery

A couple of months ago, I visited Eating Recovery Center’s Partial Hospitalization Program for Adults where the patients always inspire me. They seemed ready and eager to leave treatment and utilize their ever-growing recovery tool kit. They were also appropriately timid regarding the transition ahead. On this particular day, a woman asked, “How do I […]

new years res

New Years Resoultion

Hi friends I had the honor of writing an article for  Recovery Wire Magazine: Issue 8  Last Year, I thought it would be great so share again.  I love using some of these tips with me and my kiddies at meal times.  For over a decade, I struggled hopelessly with food and body image. My […]

Tis the Season to be Present

The truth is, whether we suffer from an eating disorder or not, the holiday season can be a little trying. There’s the fuss over what to get our family and friends for that special day, decorating, making the decision to send Christmas cards by snail mail or email — or not at all. And then […]


Beware of Switching the Witch for the B Word that Rhymes with it.

Hi Friends, Happy Halloween.  In the spirit of Witches I wanted to share an article I wrote for Renew Magazine (Spring 2014)about the switching of addictions. It is something that effects 35% of those who struggle with Substance Abuse and 50% of those who struggle with an eating disorder will also struggle with Substance abuse. […]

Ugly duckling

Ugly Duckling Interview

Hi Friends, can you or your kiddies relate to any of the below sentences? “When my mom told us she was going to die my whole world came undone(…) and I really felt like the eating disorder served that for a really long time”. “I thought my feelings were going to kill me”. “I was viewing my beauty through other […]

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